Most Popular Caddie Nicknames – 100+ Unique Ideas!

Are you curious about the secret language of golf caddies? These unknown heroes of the fairway are not just experts in carrying clubs, they also go by some of the most entertaining nicknames in the golfing world. 

Caddie Nicknames

From clever wordplay to pop culture references, caddie nicknames are as unique as the golfers they support. Join us on a journey to uncover the funniest and most creative golf caddie names around, and learn why these nicknames are a beloved tradition among golf supporters.

Famous Caddie Nickname

1. William Stokes

Nickname – Pappy

As the youngest caddie to be part of a Masters victory, he worked with some of the greatest golfers of his time, including Ben Hogan and Jack Burke Jr. With a winning record of five Masters. Because of strokes age and caddie experience, he earned this nickname as a wise and respected grandfather figure. 

2. Alfred Dyer

Nickname – Rabbit

Alfred Dyer, a renowned caddie in the golfing world, earned his place in history by partnering with Gary Player from 1972 to 1992. Throughout his career, Dyer had the privilege of working with legendary golfers such as Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Dave Stockton, and Lee Trevino, showcasing his impressive speed and agility on the course, earning him the nickname of a rabbit.

3. Sam Foy

Nickname – Killer

In 1963, Sam Foy began his professional caddying career with Rex Baxter and later with Bob Rosburg. In 1968, he was hired by Hale Irwin. Their 15-year collaboration resulted in a remarkable victory at the 1979 U.S. 

As a tough competitor on the golf course, Foy acquired the nickname killer, which shows his competitive nature.

4. Nathaniel Avery

 Nickname – Iron Man

During his tenure at Augusta National Golf Club, Nathaniel Avery was a renowned African-American golf caddie. He gained widespread recognition for helping Arnold Palmer win four Masters titles in the late 1950s and early 1960s. 

Due to his strength and toughness on the course, he was given the nickname Iron Man by the media, becoming one of the first caddies to receive public attention.

5. James Anderson

Nickname -Tip

The world-famous golf course hired Anderson as a caddy in the 1950s. He was given the name Tip for his helpful advice and tips while caddying for Arnold Palmer at The Open Championship in 1961 and 1962 when Palmer won the Claret Jug.

6. Jim Mackay

Nickname – Bones

Born and raised in New Smyrna Beach, Jim Mackay started his career as a caddie for Larry Mize, Scott Simpson, and Curtis Strange. He then became Phil Mickelson’s caddie in 1992, leading to a partnership that resulted in five major championships.  

After 25 years of working together, Mackay joined NBC/Golf Channel as an on-course reporter at the 2017 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale. Due to his tall and slim physical appearance, Mackay is known as Bones

7. Andrew Butler

Nickname – Rooney

Andrew Butler was a legendary caddie at Ireland Tramore Golf Club. From his striking appearance and wearing woolen coats, hats, and Wellington boots, Andrew was given the title Rooney as he looked like the legendary actor Mickey Rooney.

8. Jeff Medlin

Nickname – Squeaky

A remarkable caddie, Jeff Medlin entered the PGA TOUR in 1985 and found himself teaming up with Nick Price, leading to major victories in The Open Championship and PGA Championship. He’s also known for his distinctive nickname, which may have been inspired by his unique walking style or high-pitched voice.

9. Ernest Carolan

Nickname – Creamy

Ernest Carolan was Arnold Palmer’s caddie for 15 years, during which Palmer won major tournaments like the U.S. Open, British Open, and Canadian Open. Carolan’s nickname comes from his efficient and smooth style of carrying golf bags.

10. Leonard Ciccone

Nickname – Lenny

The best example of a hardworking caddie is Leonard Ciccone. Whether he was carrying bags for 45 holes a day or helping a beginner navigate the course, Lenny was always friendly and knowledgeable. 

It’s no wonder he was so beloved by the membership, and it’s likely that his nickname came from his first name being shortened to Lenny. He truly embodied the spirit of a dedicated caddie.

11. Madelyn Turner

Nickname – Moochie

Madelyn Turner began playing golf at the age of 7, and as a child, she often caddied for her mother, Vernice Turner, who was a Black female golfer. 

In 2021, they were inducted into the National Black Golf Hall of Fame, making them the only mother-daughter duo to win a UGA Championship in the same year. Madelyn was also known for her loving and cuddly personality, earning her the name Moochie.

12. Arthur Walters

Nickname -Bucky

Besides being the father, Arthur Walters was also the caddie of Dennis Walters, a well-known trick-shot artist. The nickname Bucky may have been derived from his prominent front teeth, resembling the buck teeth of a deer.

13. Jerry Woodard

Nickname – Woody

At the age of 10, Jerry Woodard started working as a caddy at Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio. He later transitioned to the LPGA Tour, where he caddied for several legendary golfers, including Pat Bradley, Kathy Whitworth, and Beth Daniel, winning 26 total events, including six major championships. His nickname Woody has been a shortened version of his last name or his own preference.

14. Ross Young

 Nickname – Cotton

Beginning at the age of 12, Young worked as a caddy at Saucon Valley Country Club. Throughout his impressive 80-year tenure at the club, he had the privilege of caddying for some of the biggest names in golf history, including Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. He has been given the name Cotton because of his soft, fluffy hair.  Young was an icon at Saucon Valley and beloved by its members until his passing at the age of 92 in 2008.

15. Emil Smith

Nickname – Smitty

Emil Smith, a seasoned caddie with over 30 years of experience, had a notable career working alongside Bob Charles, winning four tournaments together. Smith was also recognized for his work with Ben Crenshaw on the PGA TOUR. His given name Smitty is a shorter form of his last name, Smith.

Golf Caddie Nicknames Ideas

I know how important it is to have a good relationship with your caddie. They are not just there to carry your clubs, but to offer advice, moral support, and even a bit of comic relief when the game gets tough.

And what better way to strengthen that bond than by giving your caddie a unique and personalized nickname?

Golf Caddie Nicknames Ideas

I’ll be sharing some fun and creative ideas for caddie nicknames that will add a little extra spice to your next round of golf. So, let’s get started.

1. Cruiser

2. Hawkeye

3. Professor

4. Shadow

5. Bagman

6. Hacker

7. Linksman 

8. Mulligan

6. Teezy

9. Spikee

10. Gambler 

11. Jax 

12. Navigator

13. Tactician

14. Gizmo

15. Faldo

16. Flash 

17. Tracker

18. Ranger

19. Wizard

20. Instigator 

Best Caddie Nicknames 

Caddies have always played a vital role in golf, acting as the player’s right-hand man on the course. Many caddies are known by their given names, and some have earned nicknames that have become as iconic as the players they work for. 

Best Caddie Nicknames 

We’ll explore some of the most memorable and entertaining names. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at some of the Best Caddie Nicknames out there.

1. Scout

2. Stones

3. Dragon

4. T-Bone

5. Fuzzy 

6. Packer

7. Phoenix

8. Chipper

9. Fonzie

10. Swifty 

11. Chap

12. Trickster 

13. Sparky

14. Rooster

15. Ninja

16. Moose

17. Cowboy

18. Spiffy

19. Viper

20. Titan

Funny Caddie Names Ideas

Everyone loves a good laugh, and when it comes to golf, there’s no better way to lighten the mood than creating funny caddie names. With a little creativity and imagination, you can come up with a wide variety of hilarious caddie names that will have everyone laughing.

Funny Caddie Names Ideas

Whether you are looking for a personalized name for your caddie or just trying to come up with a few laughs for your golf buddies, this guide offers plenty of funny caddie name ideas to get you started.

1. Jester

2. Duffer Dan

3. Hook

4. Pickle 

5. Chirpy 

6. Pogo

7. BirdieFool

8. Texan

9. Fonzie

10. Teejester

11. Boffin

12. Grinny

13. Putterman

14. Caddicus

15. Floater

16. Divotman

17. Flopz

18. Tinkerbell

19. Hazard

20. Bogeyman