Funny Golf Cocktail Names (250+ Quirky Ideas)

Funny Golf Cocktail Names

In golf, one day you’re riding high, sinking birdies left and right, and the next, your balls cozied up with ducks in a pond. It’s a roller coaster. 

But here’s the twist: after a long game, when the sun sets, and you’re unwinding at the clubhouse, there’s nothing like an excellent ol’ drink to lift the spirits. 

And man, have I stumbled upon some drinks with golf-themed names that’ll tickle your funny bone! So, let’s tee off into a world of cocktails that’ll have you chuckling before you even take the first sip. 

On the course and behind the bar, cheers to swings and misses!

Our Favorite Picks.

The Impact of a Catchy Cocktail Name on Branding and Marketing

So, let’s talk drinks. I remember one summer, I ventured to a new golf club that had just opened. Thirsty after a round, I walked into the clubhouse, and there it was on the menu – caddy clubhouse cocktails. It was one of those names that stuck. Here’s why this branding magic matters:

Making a Mark

Think about beach cocktails. Instantly, images of sandy shores and waves crashing come to mind, right? That’s the power of a name. It’s a mini story, waiting to unfold.

Appeal to the Senses

I once tried a cucumber cocktail at a golf event. It was as refreshing as a morning tee-off. A catchy name not only grabs attention but can also paint a sensory picture. It sets the stage for the taste buds.

Memorability is Key

Names like pink gin cocktail or strawberry gin cocktail conjure specific flavors and colors. Unique and catchy names are remembered. I can’t recall the countless times I’ve recommended the first tee punch at LA’s famous LA Golf Club to pals.

Broadening the Appeal

Some evenings, you just want to kick back with a grey vodka or an easy summer cocktail, right? By having a diverse range of cocktail names, establishments appeal to wider audiences. You’re catering to both the golfer who fancies a stiff drink and the one who prefers something a tad lighter.

Non-Alcoholic Offerings

Can’t forget about our non-drinking friends. I’ve seen a surge in summer mocktails – non-alcoholic delights that carry all the punch, minus the alcohol. A great name ensures they stand tall beside their alcoholic counterparts.

Funny Golf Cocktail Names (with Meaning)

1. Mulligan Mule

Named after the ‘do-over’ or a second chance in golf, this cocktail signifies a fresh start. If you’ve had a tough day on the greens or just need a pick-me-up, this drink offers a spirited revival much like a mulligan does in a game.

2. Bogey Brew

This cocktail is for those rounds where things didn’t go as planned. It’s a blend of commiseration and hope, with a hint of mischief, reminding you that there’s always another round to set things right.

3. Green Gin

This cocktail pays tribute to the manicured greens of the golf course. As velvety and refined as a pristine putting green, it’s a drink for those moments of calm reflection, capturing the essence of a serene afternoon on the course.

4. Swing Sling

Every golfer knows the exhilaration of a well-executed swing. This cocktail mirrors that thrill, offering a burst of flavors that come together harmoniously. Just as a golf swing is a blend of precision and power, this drink is a perfect mix of zest and kick.

5. Tee-Time Tonic

There’s a certain ritual to setting up at the tee box, checking the wind, selecting the right club, and taking a deep breath before the swing. The Tee-Time Tonic captures this anticipation. It’s the drink for those little breaks, offering a refreshing respite, readying you for the next shot.

6. Clubhouse Cooler

After a long game, the clubhouse is a haven of relaxation. This cocktail encapsulates that welcoming ambiance. It’s a laid-back blend, reminding you of the camaraderie, the laughter, and the tales that flow post-game.

7. Divot Daiquiri

The divot – a mark left on the turf after a powerful stroke. This cocktail dives deep into the essence of the game, reflecting the dedication and passion. Like the chunk of turf that flies off, this drink lifts your spirits, taking you on a flavor journey that resonates with every golfer’s soul.

8. Birdie Bliss

Scoring under par is an achievement, a moment of pure elation. This drink is all about celebration. It’s a jubilant blend, echoing the cheers and high-fives that accompany a well-played hole. Every sip is a toast to those little victories on the green.

9. Sandtrap Spritz

There’s something whimsical about finding your ball in the sand. This drink is light, breezy, and has a bit of a playful twist, reminiscent of the challenge and the subsequent satisfaction of making that perfect bunker shot.

10. Fairway Fizz

The open fairways, stretching out invitingly, represent opportunities and challenges. This effervescent drink is all about optimism and the thrill of what lies ahead. With each bubbly sip, it evokes the spirit of the game, urging you to take on the next challenge with zest.

Funny Golf Cocktail Names Ideas List!

Funny Golf Cocktail Names Ideas List!

Golf can be a game of highs and lows, but there’s nothing a bit of humor can’t fix! Dive into a world of chuckles and chortles with these zesty golf cocktail names that are sure to lighten up any 19th-hole gathering.

  1. Mulligan Mule
  2. Bogey Brew
  3. Pitch-n-Pour
  4. Swing Sling
  5. Tee-Time Tonic
  6. Clubhouse Cooler
  7. Divot Daiquiri
  8. Birdie Bliss
  9. Sandtrap Spritz
  10. Fairway Fizz
  11. Putt Punch
  12. Caddy Crush
  13. Wedge Whiskey
  14. Eagle Elixir
  15. Driver Draught
  16. Hazard Highball
  17. Rough Rum
  18. Bunker Bourbon
  19. Chip Shot Chardonnay
  20. Fore! Frappé
  21. Pitch Pisco
  22. Albatross Ale
  23. Slice Slammer
  24. Putter Pimm’s
  25. Flagstick Fizz
  26. Hole-in-Two Hooch
  27. Backswing Brandy
  28. Links Lager
  29. Pin Position Pina Colada
  30. Approach Absinthe

Puns For Golf Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a good play on words, especially when golf and cocktails collide? Let’s explore some punny concoctions for your next golf outing.

  1. Par-Tee Punch
  2. Fairway Frolic
  3. Albatross Ale
  4. Bogey Bubbles
  5. Swing Spirits
  6. Sandtrap Surprise
  7. Clubby Cubby
  8. Hole-Lotta Liquor
  9. Green Gulp
  10. Divot Delight
  11. Eagle Essence
  12. Mulligan Mixer
  13. Bunker Booze
  14. Rough Rose
  15. Pitch Pinot
  16. Driver Delish
  17. Wedge Wine
  18. Putt Pilsner
  19. Caddy Cocktail
  20. Birdie Brewski
  21. Flagstick Fling
  22. Slice Sipper
  23. Tee Tingle
  24. Fairway Float
  25. Approach Amaretto
  26. Links Liquor
  27. Sand Save Sangria
  28. Back Nine Brulee
  29. Par Pour
  30. Water Hazard Whiskey

Dirty Golf Cocktail Names

Dirty Golf Cocktail Names

Sometimes, we like our humor a bit on the naughty side. For those times, here are some cheeky golf cocktail names to give you a wink.

  1. Racy Rough
  2. Naughty Nine
  3. Risqué Range
  4. Dirty Divot
  5. Saucy Swing
  6. Cheeky Chip
  7. Sultry Sandtrap
  8. Bawdy Birdie
  9. Risque Round
  10. Lusty Links
  11. Saucy Slice
  12. Pinned Passion
  13. Frisky Fairway
  14. Tease Tee
  15. Bold Bunker
  16. Flirty Fore!
  17. Lustful Loft
  18. Sexy Swing
  19. Hedonistic Hazard
  20. Brazen Birdie
  21. Kinky Club
  22. Wild Wedge
  23. Steamy Stroke
  24. Sizzling Slice
  25. Raunchy Rough
  26. Hole Heat
  27. Bold Bogey
  28. Cheeky Chipper
  29. Mischief Mulligan
  30. Sensuous Swing

Hilarious Golf Cocktail Names

Hilarious Golf Cocktail Names

For moments when you need a good belly laugh, check out these rib-tickling golf cocktail names that are a perfect blend of fun and froth.

  1. Giggle Green
  2. Chuckle Chip
  3. Silly Swing
  4. Tee-Hee Tonic
  5. Snicker Slice
  6. Jolly Jigger
  7. Larky Links
  8. Mirth Mulligan
  9. Ha-Ha Hazard
  10. Beaming Birdie
  11. Joyful Jug
  12. Jestful Julep
  13. Rofl Rough
  14. Lighthearted Loft
  15. Belly-laugh Bogey
  16. Merry Mixer
  17. Chortle Chaser
  18. Ticklish Tee
  19. Pleased Pitch
  20. Laughing Lager
  21. Whimsical Whiskey
  22. Frolicsome Fairway
  23. Snicker Sandtrap
  24. Chuckling Chipper
  25. Giddy Green
  26. Jovial Julep
  27. Comical Club
  28. Larky Lager
  29. Happy Hazard
  30. Grinning Gin

Badass Golf Cocktail Names

Badass Golf Cocktail Names

For those who like their golf game with a touch of attitude, these cocktail names are equal parts golf and grit. Cheers to some badass bevvy names!

  1. Rebel Rough
  2. Macho Mulligan
  3. Fierce Fairway
  4. Gritty Green
  5. Bold Birdie
  6. Tough Tee
  7. Staunch Sandtrap
  8. Audacious Albatross
  9. Daring Divot
  10. Steely Swing
  11. Brazen Bunker
  12. Rugged Range
  13. Fearless Fore!
  14. Dominant Driver
  15. Gallant Green
  16. Heroic Hazard
  17. Intrepid Iron
  18. Mighty Mulligan
  19. Powerhouse Pitch
  20. Resilient Rough
  21. Spirited Swing
  22. Tenacious Tee
  23. Valiant Vodka
  24. Warrior Wedge
  25. Zealous Zone
  26. Audacious Ace
  27. Brave Birdie
  28. Champion Chip
  29. Defiant Drive
  30. Epic Eagle