300+ Funny Team Names For Golf | Tee Off With a Smile!

Who says golf can’t be fun? With a side-splitting team name, you’ll have your opponents laughing so hard they won’t be able to concentrate on the game. 

Best Funny Team Names For Golf

Get ready to show off your witty and hilarious side with these funny team names that are sure to make your day on the course a memorable one. 

So grab your golf clubs, put on your funniest golf shirt, and explore the crazy world of funny team names for golf together!

How to Come Up With the Perfect Golf Team Name?

Importance of a Name

Why does a team name even matter, you might ask? Well, consider this: your team name is your first impression, much like wearing golf team polos adds a touch of professionalism and unity to your appearance.

A well-chosen name sets the tone, showcases your team’s personality, and can even give you a psychological edge. So, how do you go about selecting the perfect name? It starts with a brainstorming session that involves everyone, exemplifying the essence of team effort in golf.

Brainstorming Session

During this brainstorming session, consider your team’s personality. Are you a serious, competitive team like Team Cobra Golf, or are you more laid-back? What are your goals? Are you aiming for the top, like the Taylormade Golf Team, or is this more of a social endeavor?

If your team has a funny bone, why not show it off? Your name should resonate with people, much like Liv Golf Teams does. It should be catchy, easy to remember, and roll off the tongue.

Name Should Resonate

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time for the final touches. This is where you can add elements that show you mean business, akin to the professionalism exuded by Golf Pride Teams.

Make sure to check for unintended meanings; the last thing you want is a name that’s accidentally offensive or inappropriate. Say the name out loud to see how it sounds and get feedback from friends or family.

Final Touches

In essence, the perfect golf team name is a blend of creativity, relevance, and a dash of humor. It captures who you are as a team while also making a statement. It’s more than just a name; it’s your team’s identity.

So, are you ready to make your mark on the green? Put on those golf team polos and let your team name be as legendary as your game.

Funny Team Names For Golf (with Meaning)

Four men posing for a photo on a golf course, showcasing their funny team.

1. Caddysnacks 

This team is always ready to have a good time on the golf course and never forget to bring along snacks!

2. Duffer’s Union

All levels of golfers join together for this team, living up to the motto that it’s all about having fun on the golf course.

3. Hole-in-Onions

These teams can make a hole-in-one and deceive their opponents even when they aren’t quite at their best.

4. Birdie Bogeys

The appropriate nickname for a squad varies between birdies and bogeys all the time.

5. Sandwiches

This a fun play on words, referring to the fact that sand traps on the course often lead to ‘sandwiches’ (shots that land in the sand).

6. Hash Browns

This name is for a group of golfers who always find themselves in a ‘hash’ of trouble while they are on the course. Plus, it’s a fun pun!

7. Lofty Links

The name plays on the idea of golfers going for ‘lofty’ goals on the golf course. It’s a great way to show confidence and have a good time!

8. Gopher Holes

Those golfers who are always trying to escape gopher holes and sand traps on the course make up this name for a team. It’s a funny way to show your strength!

9. Whack-a-Doos

It’s a hilarious play on words that references both golfing and all the unexpected things that can happen on the course.

10. Fairway Follies

Fairway Follies is a humorous description of a team of golfers who may not be the most accurate hitters. 

11. Bunker Brawlers

They don’t mind getting a little dirty while they battle their way out of sand traps!

12. Bogeymen

A play on the golf term for one over par, this team name is a great way to embrace your missteps on the course.

13. Putt Pirates

This swashbuckling team of golfers is always up for a challenge on the green. Their goal is to sink a hole-in-one and plunder the course!

14. Wayward Wedges

They don’t always hit their shots on the right path, but you can always count on these golfers to bring some fun and laughs to the game.

15. Green Envy

A name for a team of golfers who take their game seriously and want to be the envy of the golf course. They may not always have the best luck on the course, but they’ll always have a great team name!                                 

16. Chippin’ Away

This one is a clever pun on the phrase “chipping away” and golfers need to chip their ball to get it close to the hole.

17. Par Chasers

It’s a great team name for golfers who are always trying to match par or better. It’s a fun twist on the term “par-chasing,” implying that they are always trying their best to reach the mark or even better!

18. Flubbers

If you’ve ever played golf, you know that at times you can end up with a flubbed shot – Whether they are played by you or your opponent, this team name celebrates those moments!

19. Tee-rrifics 

These golfers always show up with a smile, ready to tee up and terrify their opponents with their impressive skills.

20. Clubhouse Cowboys

This team knows how to have fun and enjoy the game of golf. They’re the kind of folks who are always ready to hit the links and have a good time, no matter what the outcome.

Funny Golf Team Names For Bad Golfers

A group of bad golfers playing golf hilariously.

Hey, there fellow bad golfers! Are you tired of always finishing last on the leaderboard? Fear not, I have compiled a list of hilarious and witty golf team names to help you and your teammates shake off those lousy golfing blues. 

Get ready to have a good laugh and show your opponents that even if your golfing skills are subpar, your team name is sure to be a hole-in-one. So, without further ado, let’s take a swing at some of the funniest golf team names for bad golfers out there!

1. Caddie-Capers

2. Drive-By Putters 

3. Duffer Dazzlers

4. Par-fectly Unskilled 

5. Fore Lefties

6. Bunker Buddies 

7. Mulli-Gang

8. Cuppers Cutters

9. Birdie-Free Zone 

10. Behind-the-Tee-Line

11. Lost in the Rough

12. Out of Bounds Bandits 

13. Putt Plodders 

14. Green Hornets

15. Over Par Pros

16. Duffer Daredevils

17. The Longest Losers

18. Driving Into Trouble 

19. Putter Bums 

20. The Sandtrappers 

21. The Whiffers 

22. Flailing Fairways

23. Wayward Wedges 

24. Fore-Gotten 

25. Birdie-Eyed 

26. Swingin’ Slicers 

27. Hazard-ous Hitters

28. Five-Iron Fools

29. Birdie Blunders

30. Slow-Poke Putters 

31. Swing & Miss

32. Driveway Divas 

33. Hookers & Putters 

34. Gimmie Gang

35. Bunker Babes

36. Un-FORE-tunates 

37. Drive & Prayer

38. No TEE for Us 

39. Mighty Miners 

40. Water Hazards 

41. Hack-Swingers

42. Chip Shots of Doom

43. Hole in None

44. Cloud of Dust

45. Not-So-Pro Pros

46. Disaster Links 

47. Par Takers Unite!

48. Off the Tee Box and Into the Woods 

49. Putt for Doughnuts 

50. Duck Hookers

Funny Golf Team Names For Ladies

A group of ladies with funny golf team posing for a photo on a golf course.

Whether you’re planning for a golf tournament or just for fun, we’ve got some hilarious and creative team names for the ladies. If you’re looking for a fun way to make your day on the course even more memorable, check out these funny golf team names for ladies!

Whether you’re playing with a group of friends or competing as a team, you’ll be sure to have some laughs with these clever and witty names.

1. Fore Mamas

2. Caddy Cuties 

3. Green Queens 

4. Bunker Beauties

5. The Chipettes 

6. Iron Lassies 

7. Sassy Swingers 

8. Par-Tee Girls 

9. Putter Sisters 

10. Bogey Babes 

11. Clubbin’ Chicks

12. Swinging Sisters

13. Par-tay Mamas

14. Green Hornets

15. Birdies and Bling

16. Tee Off Divas 

17. Fairway Floozies

18. Duffer Darlings 

19. Fairway Fillies

20. Chip Shot Chicks

21. High Handicappers 

22. Driveway Dames

23. Sand Trap Sirens 

24. Bogey Belles 

25. Hit or Misses

26. Pin Seekers 

27. Tee-riffic Gals

28. Eagle Eyes 

29. Tee-Totallers

30. Lady Linksters

31. Tee Time Vixens 

32. Fore-Maidens 

33. Putt Pluckers

34. Power Paraders

35. Mulligan Mavens

36. Divot Dolls

37. Sweet Putters 

38. Hacky Sackers 

39. Sand Wedges 

40. Mazel Tovs 

41. Hole in Onesies

42. Ace-tresses

43. 19th Hole Honeys

44. Forecaddies

45. Birdie Beauties

46. Clover Chicks 

47. Fairway Foxes 

48. Aces of Clubs 

49. Lady Drives 

50. Club Cats 

Funny Golf Team Names For Men’s

Four men posing for a picture on a golf course in their funny team attire.

Golf team names are an excellent way to bring a fun and lighthearted atmosphere to the course. Whether you’re playing with friends or participating in a league, a clever team name is a great way to show off your personality and have some laughs.

We’ll be exploring some funny golf team names for men who will surely get some chuckles from your fellow players. So, if you’re searching for a witty and comical team name, keep reading.

1. Greenside Geezers 

2. Fairway Fools 

3. Dog Leg Dudes 

4. Tee-Totallers

5. Birdie Brigade

6. Sand Slingers

7. High Fliers

8. Wood Chippers

9. Bogeymen 

10. Golf Hooligans

11. Par Ninjas 

12. Eagle Masters 

13. Putt Pirates 

14. Hole Hackers

15. Caddy Jockeys 

16. Green Crusaders 

17. Bald Eagles 

18. Hazard Heroes

20. Iron Men

21. Clubhouse Comedians

23. Flag Swappers

24. Gopher Getters

25. Bunker Brothers 

26. Tee-nagers

27. Ball Busters

28. Divot Diggers

29. Flop Shots

30. Fringe Flingers

31. Link Lads 

32. Sandbaggers 

33. Iron Maniacs

34. Faulty Fore’s

35. High Fliers

36. Holey Moley

37. Hole in Won-ders

38. Tee-Rexes

39. Ironside Bruisers

40. Golf-estimators

41. Morning Putt Masters 

42. Chip-In Clique 

43. Tee Off Titans

44. Clubbing Coconuts

45. Drive Shafts 

46. Tee-Time Terrors

47. Bad Baldies

48. Greenhorns

49. Par-ty Animals 

50. Golf Nuts

Rude Golf Team Names

A group of people posing next to a golf cart with a humorous sign and displaying some rude golf team.

Ever thought golf was a genteel sport for the polite and prim? Think again! The green isn’t just for your average, quiet golfer; it’s for those who know how to get loud, get rude, and still sink that putt. If you’re looking for team names that ruffle some feathers while you’re crushing it on the course, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Off Course

2. Divot Dukes

3. FShankers

4. Stiff Shafts

5. Par Fools

6. Tee Trashers

7. Bogey Bandits

8. Rude Roughs

9. Putt Punks

10. Fore Fakers

11. Slice Kings

12. NoPuttGiven

13. Flub Masters

14. Crass Clubs

15. FairwayFiends

16. Green Grunts

17. Hole Hogs

18. Putt Jerks

19. Swing Snobs

20. Ball Blunders

21. Wedge Wretches

22. Par Snark

23. IronIdiots

24. Divot Dummies

25. Mulligan Mocks

26. Grip Grouches

27. Club Clowns

28. Pin Prats

29. Rough Riders

30. Sand Scorn

31. Shank Sneers

32. Slice Sass

33. Foul Fore

34. TeeTyrants

35. Drive Dolts

36. Links Losers

37. Bad Bogeys

38. NoChillChippers

39. TrapTrolls

40. Fairway Frauds

41. Rough Rudeness

42. Chip Churls

43. Putt Pests

44. Swing Snarks

45. Pin Pests

46. Caddie Cynics

47. Hook Haters

48. Green Goons

49. SandSarcasm

50. Divot Demons

Funny Golf Team Names for Couples

A couple striking a pose for a picture on a golf course, showcasing their funny team.

Looking for a team name that will make you and your significant other the talk of the golf course? From romantic wordplays to hilarious innuendos, these names will have everyone chuckling as you tee off. So grab your partner, because these names are a guaranteed hole-in-one on the laugh scale.

1. LoveBirdies

2. FairwayFlirts

3. BallnChain

4. PuttPairs

5. HisNHers

6. TwoFore

7. GreenMates

8. SliceSpice

9. DivotDuo

10. ParPartners

11. SwingSweets

12. LinkLovers

13. BogeyBuddies

14. WedgeWeds

15. CaddieCouples

16. TeeTwosome

17. IronIdyll

18. SandSweethearts

19. ChipCherubs

20. MulliganMatch

21. PuttPals

22. WeddedWhiffs

23. CourseCuddle

24. DriveDates

25. GolfGoals

26. PinPals

27. FairwayFeels

28. GreenGiggles

29. HoleHoneys

30. LinkLovers

31. ParPairs

32. SwingSwoon

33. TrapTwins

34. BunkerBabes

35. ChipCharms

36. DivotDarlings

37. SandSweets

38. WedgeWoo

39. BirdieBliss

40. TeeTenderness

41. RoughRomance

42. CourseCouples

43. PuttPassion

44. DriveDarlings

45. IronIntimacy

46. ClubCuddlers

47. BogeyBonds

48. ParProposal

49. ForeEver

50. SandSeduction

Funny Names For Golf Societies

Golf societies are all about camaraderie, shared passion, and, of course, a touch of humor! A quirky and amusing name can set the tone for endless fun and laughter.

So, if you’re looking to christen your golf society with a name that’s as entertaining as your golf games, here’s a list to tickle your funny bone!

  1. Swing Sultans
  2. Fairway Fanatics
  3. Green Jesters
  4. Putt Pundits
  5. Tee Tricksters
  6. Divot Dynamos
  7. Bunker Buffoons
  8. Slice Savants
  9. Hazard Heroes
  10. Mulligan Maniacs
  11. Caddie Crusaders
  12. Birdie Bunch
  13. Albatross Allies
  14. Eagle Enthusiasts
  15. Rough Riders
  16. Sand Sages
  17. Pin Pioneers
  18. Drive Dukes
  19. Chip Champions
  20. Loft Lunatics
  21. Range Rascals
  22. Link Luminaries
  23. Par Pranksters
  24. Course Conquerors
  25. Flagstick Funnies
  26. Whiff Wizards
  27. Stance Sages
  28. Ball Bards
  29. Iron Idols
  30. Wedge Wonders

Funny Golf Outing Names

Inject some humor into your golf outings with a hilarious and memorable name! A funny name can make your golf outings even more enjoyable and give everyone a good laugh before the game even begins. Here’s a list of amusing names that are sure to make your golf outing the talk of the tee!

  1. Whack Wonders
  2. Putt Pirates
  3. Swing Syndicate
  4. Bogey Brigade
  5. Fairway Funnies
  6. Green Giggles
  7. Tee Terrors
  8. Divot Daredevils
  9. Slice Squad
  10. Hazard Hoots
  11. Mulligan Mirths
  12. Birdie Bloopers
  13. Albatross Amusements
  14. Eagle Escapades
  15. Rough Rebels
  16. Sand Snickers
  17. Pin Pals
  18. Drive Delights
  19. Chip Chuckles
  20. Loft Laughs
  21. Range Riddles
  22. Link Laughters
  23. Par Puns
  24. Course Capers
  25. Flagstick Frolics
  26. Whiff Wits
  27. Stance Snorts
  28. Ball Banters
  29. Iron Innuendos
  30. Wedge Whoopees