7+ Golf Outfits That Got Banned and the Stories Behind Them!

Golf Outfits That Got Banned

Over the years, several golf outfits have stirred the pot, leading to bans and sparking debates within the golfing community. 

This article delves into seven notable instances where golf outfits were banned, uncovering the intriguing stories behind these fashion blunders.

1. Hoodie 

Tyrrell Hatton brought hoodies into the spotlight of golf fashion, sparking a significant debate. 

While many appreciated the hoodie for its comfort and modern appeal, several clubs and tournaments banned them, arguing they violated traditional dress codes. 

2. Bermuda Shorts

Golf Bermuda Shorts.

The PGA Tour’s decision to allow Bermuda shorts during practice rounds was a notable change. 

However, not all clubs and tournaments were on board, with some continuing to ban shorts during official rounds. 

3. Collared Shirt Alternatives

In an attempt to modernize golf attire, some players have experimented with alternative tops that lack the traditional collar, such as crew necks or T-shirts designed for athletic wear. 

These modern, comfortable options, while appealing for casual wear, have encountered resistance and even bans at more traditional clubs and in tournaments. 

4. Leggings as Pants for Women

Women in golf have sometimes chosen leggings over traditional skirts or pants for their comfort and flexibility. 

Despite their popularity in casual and athletic apparel, leggings have faced bans or disapproval at certain courses and events, with detractors claiming they do not meet the sport’s dress code standards.

Why Were These Golf Outfits Banned and Are They Suitable for a Golf Tournament Dinner?

The controversial outfits for golf were banned due to their inappropriate and revealing nature. While fashion is important, it’s crucial to ensure that attire is suitable for the event. When choosing an outfit for a golf tournament dinner, opt for stylish yet tasteful ensembles that adhere to the dress code.

5. Denim jeans

Golf Denim jeans.

Denim jeans, a fundamental piece of casual attire globally, have not been warmly received in the golfing community. 

Efforts to incorporate denim, particularly those of a more refined and upscale design, have been consistently rejected by most golf clubs. 

These clubs maintain that denim is overly casual and undermines the professional image of golf.

6. Vibrant and Graphic Socks

The trend towards fashion-forward athletic wear has led some golfers to express their individuality through colorful, graphic socks. 

However, these bold choices have often been rejected, with some clubs and tournaments imposing bans on socks that display loud patterns or non-traditional designs, in favor of conventional solid colors or understated patterns.

7. Athletic Slides or Flip-Flops

Golf Flip-Flops.

With golf attire increasingly reflecting broader athletic and leisure trends, there have been instances of players wearing athletic slides or flip-flops, particularly in more relaxed, practice environments. 

These choices, though practical for quick changes or as a relief from tight golf shoes, have been prohibited during play by most establishments for reasons of professionalism and safety concerns.