101+ Golf Trivia Questions | Impress Friends With Golf Facts!

Golf Trivia Questions

Teeing off into the world of golf trivia questions? Swing through fascinating facts and unexpected details that will captivate every golf enthusiast. 

Covering legendary players, iconic tournaments, and quirky bits of history, these trivia questions are a surefire way to score with fans of the fairway. 

Ideal for quiz nights or a casual brush-up on your golf lore, they promise an engaging journey across the green. Time to get the ball rolling!

Golf Trivia Questions And Answers

Golf Trivia Questions And Answers.

Dust off your clubs and test your knowledge of the green game with our ultimate golf trivia challenge!

Impress your friends at the 19th hole with your mastery over everything from hole-in-one history to championship knowledge. Are you ready to put your knowledge to the test? Let’s get started!

Trivia QuestionsAnswers
What’s another name for a hole-in-one?Ace
Which tournament is awarded a green jacket to the winner?The Masters
What was the first material used to make golf balls before rubber?Feathers
What is Tiger Woods’ nickname?The Big Cat
Is it true that golf was once played on the moon?Yes, by Apollo 14 astronaut Alan Shepard
What is the maximum number of clubs allowed in a golfer’s bag during a round?14
Who is known as “The Golden Bear” in the golf world?Jack Nicklaus
In which country was golf invented?Scotland
What term is used to describe a score of three under par on a single hole?Albatross or Double Eagle
Which female golfer has won the most LPGA Tour events?Kathy Whitworth

Best Golf Trivia Questions 

Best Golf Trivia Questions 

Swing into action and show off your golf smarts with our top-tier golf trivia! If you’re aiming to outshine at the clubhouse or just boost your golf IQ, we’ve got you covered.

Dive into a mix of the easiest swings and the toughest putts in golf lore. Ready to showcase your ace-level knowledge? Let the game begin!

No.Trivia QuestionsAnswers
1What is the term for a score of one stroke under par on a hole?Birdie
2Who won the most major championships in men’s golf?Jack Nicklaus
3Which country hosts the Open Championship, also known simply as The Open?United Kingdom
4What do you call a hole designed to start the play on each hole of a golf course?Tee Box
5Who is the youngest golfer to win The Masters?Tiger Woods
6What piece of equipment was banned from professional golf tournaments in 2016?Long putters (anchoring ban)
7In what year was golf reintroduced as an Olympic sport?2016
8What legendary golfer is known as “The King”?Arnold Palmer
9Which golfer completed the career Grand Slam first?Gene Sarazen
10What unique feature does the 17th hole at the TPC at Sawgrass have?It’s an island green

Funny Golf Trivia Questions And Answers

Funny Golf Trivia Questions And Answers

Gear up for giggles and groans on the green with our collection of funny golf trivia! Perfect for breaking the ice or just sharing laughs around the clubhouse.

These questions blend the silly with the challenging, proving golf isn’t just a game of skill but also a source of fun.

No.Funny Golf Trivia QuestionsAnswers
1What do golfers call a penalty stroke?Brain cramp
2How do you call it when a golfer makes a birdie without ever landing in the fairway?Texas birdie
3What’s the term for a golfer who consistently yells “Fore,” yet always hits a five?An optimistic mathematician
4What do you call an angry golfer?Someone playing a rage round
5Who was known for saying, “The harder I work, the luckier I get” in golf?Gary Player
6What is considered golf’s most embarrassing shot?In case he got a hole-in-one!
7Which golfer is known for inventing the modern sand wedge?Gene Sarazen
8What’s a golfer’s favorite letter?Tee (T)
9How can you achieve the longest golf drive?When your opponent drives and you take the bus
10What’s the easiest shot in golf?Your fourth putt

Golf Trivia Questions For Adults

Golf Trivia Questions For Adults

Step up to the tee with our curated collection of golf trivia tailored for adults. From the lore of the links to the specifics of the swing, this quiz offers a chance to shine or simply learn something new.

Expect a course filled with questions of all handicaps, testing your knowledge from the clubhouse to the 18th hole. Ready to prove your prowess or elevate your golf etiquette? Let’s dive into the challenge!

No.Golf Trivia Questions for AdultsAnswers
1What is the traditional starting time of the final round of The Masters?2 p.m. Sunday
2What is the name given to the youngest golfer to lead after the first round of The Masters?Jordan Spieth
3Who has the record for the most consecutive birdies in a PGA Tour event?Mark Calcavecchia (9 birdies in a row)
4What is the official size of the golf hole?4.25 inches in diameter
5Why did the golfer bring two pairs of pants?In case he got a hole-in-one!
6What is the name of the trophy awarded to the winner of the Ryder Cup?The Ryder Cup Trophy
7Which golf course is known as “The Home of Golf”?St. Andrews Links
8What is the maximum time a player can search for a lost ball?3 minutes
9Who was the first golfer to win the Masters Tournament two years in a row?Jack Nicklaus
10What unique distinction does the 18th hole at St. Andrews hold?It’s named Tom Morris after the four-time winner

Golf Rules Trivia Questions And Answers

Golf Rules Trivia Questions And Answers

Unlock the mysteries of the fairway with our golf rules trivia! It’s time to see if your understanding of the game goes beyond the swing and into the heart of golf’s regulations.

This is your chance to flex those golf rule muscles and maybe even outsmart the rulebook. We’ve lined up questions that cover everything from basic etiquette to complex rulings.

No.Golf Rules Trivia QuestionsAnswers
1What rule covers Out of Bounds?Rule 18
2How many strokes is a player penalized for hitting the wrong ball?Two strokes
3What is the penalty for playing a ball from the wrong tee?Two-stroke penalty or replay from the correct tee
4According to the rules, can a player remove loose impediments in a bunker?Yes, with exceptions
5What’s the rule number that deals with Unplayable Ball?Rule 19
6Can a player declare their ball lost without searching for it?Yes, the player can declare it, but it incurs a penalty
7What is the maximum number of clubs allowed in a player’s bag during an official round?14
8If a player’s ball lands in a water hazard, what are the options for continuing play?Drop a ball behind the water hazard with a one-stroke penalty, or play as it lies
9What rule allows a player to lift, clean, and replace their ball on the green?Rule 13-1
10Is a player allowed to repair spike marks before putting on the green under the rules of golf?Yes, as per the 2019 rule changes

Golf Trivia Questions For Kids

Golf Trivia Questions For Kids.

Mini golfers and future champions, grab your putters! Our golf trivia for kids is a fun fairway journey, perfect for young fans eager to learn about this exciting sport.

With questions ranging from easy to challenging, there’s something for every skill level. Discover fascinating facts and test your golf smarts.

No.Golf Trivia Questions for KidsAnswers
1What’s the special name for hitting the ball into the hole with just one shot?Ace
2Which famous golf tournament gives its winner a green jacket?The Masters
3Long ago, what were golf balls originally stuffed with?Feathers
4What nickname is given to the golfer Tiger Woods?The Big Cat
5Did someone really play golf on the moon?Yes, Apollo 14 astronaut Alan Shepard
6What do you call a score of two under par on a hole?Eagle
7Who is known as the youngest golfer to ever win a major championship?Young Tom Morris
8What do you call the person who carries a golfer’s clubs?Caddie
9How many holes are there in a full round of golf?18
10What’s the name of the golf course where the British Open is often played?St. Andrews

Easy Golf Trivia Questions

Easy Golf Trivia Questions

Step onto the green with confidence! Our easy golf trivia questions are perfect for beginners and those looking to brush up on their golf knowledge.

From the basics of the game to fun facts that might surprise you, we’ve got a selection designed to boost your golf IQ and maybe even impress at the next tee time.

Ready to show off your newfound skills and knowledge? Let’s dive straight into the fun!

No.Easy Golf Trivia QuestionsAnswers
1What special term is used for a score of one under par on any hole?Birdie
2At which prestigious event is the Claret Jug awarded?The Open Championship (British Open)
3Before being made from rubber, what odd item was used to stuff early golf balls?Cow or sheep guts
4Besides “The Big Cat,” what’s another nickname for Tiger Woods?Eldrick
5Has anyone ever taken a golf swing in outer space?Yes, on the moon by astronaut Alan Shepard
6What do you call the starting area of each hole in golf?Tee Box
7Which golfer is known as “Lefty” for his rare left-handed swing?Phil Mickelson
8What’s the name given to the youngest player to participate in The Masters?Guan Tianlang
9In golf, what is the term for a score of two strokes under par for a hole?Eagle
10Who was the first female golfer to compete in a PGA Tour event?Babe Zaharias

Hard Golf Trivia Questions

Hard Golf Trivia Questions

Attention all golf aficionados! It’s time to put your expertise to the ultimate test with our challenging set of hard golf trivia questions.

Dive deep into the intricacies of the game, from legendary moments to the most obscure facts. This is your shot to prove your mastery and maybe even stump your fellow golf enthusiasts.

No.Hard Golf Trivia QuestionsAnswers
1What is the term for a two under par score on a par-5 hole?Eagle
2Who is the only golfer to win all four major championships in one calendar year?Bobby Jones (1930, Amateur status)
3What year did golf return as an Olympic sport after being absent for over a century?2016
4What is the name of the oldest golf tournament in the world?The Open Championship
5Who holds the record for the lowest 18-hole score in a major championship?Branden Grace (62 at the 2017 Open Championship)
6What is the maximum allowable handicap index for entry into the US Women’s Open?2.4
7Which golfer won the PGA Championship by a record margin of 8 strokes in the Stroke Play era?Rory McIlroy (2012)
8What unique feature does the 6th hole at Riviera Country Club have that’s rare in golf courses?A bunker in the middle of the green
9Who was the first non-American golfer to win the Masters Tournament?Gary Player from South Africa (1961)
10What is the standard par for the Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters Tournament?72

Golf Trivia Questions Multiple-Choice

Golf Trivia Questions Multiple-Choice.

Swing into a world of golfing brain teasers with our engaging multiple-choice golf trivia! This is your chance to navigate through questions as varied and challenging as the courses themselves.

From historical milestones to the minutiae of golf rules, we’ve set up a quiz that’s sure to test even the keenest of golf minds. Will you emerge as the clubhouse leader or find yourself in the rough?

Gear up, select your answers wisely, and let’s see where your golf knowledge truly lies!

No.Golf Trivia Questions (Multiple-Choice)Correct Answer
1What is the term for when a player scores two strokes under par on a hole?

A) Birdie B) Eagle C) Albatross D) Bogey
2Which of the following golfers has never won The Masters?

A) Phil Mickelson B) Rory McIlroy C) Tiger Woods D) Bubba Watson
Rory McIlroy
3What is the maximum number of clubs allowed in a golfer’s bag during official play?

A) 10 B) 12 C) 14 D) 16
4Who is the only golfer to have won all four modern majors at least three times?

A) Tiger Woods B) Jack Nicklaus C) Arnold Palmer D) Gary Player
Jack Nicklaus
5Where was the original game of golf believed to have been invented?

A) England B) Scotland C) Ireland D) United States
6What do you call a score of three strokes under par on a single hole?

A) Birdie B) Eagle C) Double Eagle (Albatross) D) Bogey
Double Eagle (Albatross)
7What material were the earliest golf balls known to be made from?

A) Wood B) Leather stuffed with feathers C) Solid rubber D) Hard plastic
Leather stuffed with feathers
8Which golfer is known for breaking the color barrier in golf?

A) Tiger Woods B) Vijay Singh C) Lee Trevino D) Charlie Sifford
Charlie Sifford
9In what year did golf become an Olympic sport again after being absent for over a century?

A) 2000 B) 2008 C) 2016 D) 2020
10What is the penalty for hitting another player’s ball on the green?

A) 1-stroke penalty B) 2-stroke penalty C) Replay the shot without penalty D) Disqualification
2 stroke penalty