Mini Golf Course Names (400+ Creative Ideas)

You know, picking a name for a mini golf course isn’t as easy as sinking a hole-in-one. I remember setting up my first course in the backyard, using old cans and garden gnomes as obstacles. 

But when it came to naming it? Man, I was stumped. It’s like trying to find that one lost golf ball in the bushes. 

You want a name that’s catchy, reflects the vibe of the course, and makes folks think, “Hey, I’ve got to try that!” But, just like that tricky windmill obstacle, it can be a real head-scratcher.

Dive in with me, and let’s navigate this maze together. Who knows? We might just hit a naming jackpot!

Our Favorite Picks.

Mini Golf Course Names (with Meaning)

1. Green Oasis

Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, this course offers a serene escape. It’s a haven where golf enthusiasts can find solace, surrounded by lush greens and tranquil vibes, making every game a refreshing experience.

2. Putt Port

Just like a harbor welcomes ships, Putt Port is a sanctuary for golf lovers. It’s a place where players dock their worries and sail into a world of fun-filled challenges and exciting rounds.

3. Tee Tranquil

More than just a course, it’s a realm of peace. Every hole, and every corner radiates calmness, allowing players to not just play but also rejuvenate their spirits amidst the serene surroundings.

4. Fairway Dream

This isn’t just a golf course; it’s the realization of every golfer’s fantasy. With meticulously designed holes and breathtaking landscapes, it’s where dreams and reality beautifully merge.

5. Swing Serenity

Each swing here is a dance of composure and grace. The course is designed to offer a harmonious blend of fun and relaxation, making every game a meditative experience.

6. Putt Prestige

For those who have a taste for luxury and elegance in golf. Every aspect of this course, from its design to its amenities, exudes class and sophistication, offering an elite golfing experience.

7. Green Glory

A tribute to the sheer beauty of golf. The course is a masterpiece, showcasing the artistry and passion that goes into creating a perfect golfing arena, making every game a celebration.

8. Tee Treasure

Every hole is a gem, every corner a surprise. This course is a treasure trove of challenges and delights, inviting players to embark on a thrilling quest with every round.

9. Fairway Fortune

Where destiny meets skill. This course believes that every player brings their own luck, and with the right blend of talent and fortune, every game can be a winning streak.

10. Swing Symphony

Golf is not just a sport; it’s music in motion. This course is a harmonious blend of challenges, aesthetics, and joy, creating a melodious symphony that resonates with every golfer’s heart.

11. Putt Palace

A regal golfing experience awaits. With majestic landscapes and royal challenges, this course offers a game that’s fit for kings and queens.

12. Green Grace

Elegance in every stroke, beauty in every hole. This course is a testament to the finesse and grace that miniature golf can offer, making every game a dance of precision.

13. Tee Triumph

Every game here is a journey, every hole a battle. But with determination and skill, every player can experience the sweet taste of victory, celebrating their personal triumphs.

14. Fairway Fantasy

Step into a realm where imagination meets reality. This course offers a dreamlike journey, with whimsical challenges and enchanting landscapes that transport players to a world of wonder.

15. Swing Saga

Every round tells a story, and every player is a hero. This course is a canvas where epic tales of challenges, victories, and memories are painted with every swing.

16. Putt Pride

Here, pride isn’t just about winning; it’s about the passion, the dedication, and the love for the game. This course celebrates the spirit of golf and the pride of every player who steps onto its greens.

17. Green Gem

A jewel in the world of mini golf. With its pristine landscapes and unique challenges, this course shines brightly, offering a golfing experience that’s truly precious.

18. Tee Tribute

A homage to the timeless tradition of golf. This course is a blend of classic challenges and modern designs, honoring the legacy of the game while adding a contemporary twist.

19. Fairway Fable

Every hole has a tale, every game an adventure. This course is a book of legends, where players can write their own epic stories with every round they play.

20. Swing Spirit

Capturing the very essence of golf, this course is a reflection of the passion, the challenges, and the joys that the game brings, celebrating the indomitable spirit of every golfer.

Mini Golf Course Name Ideas List!

Mini Golf Course Name Ideas List!

Dive into a world of creativity with our handpicked list of mini golf course names. If you’re starting a new venture or rebranding an old one, these names will surely set the ball rolling in the right direction. Let’s tee off!

  • Green Pockets
  • Hole Lotta Fun
  • Putter’s Paradise
  • Twilight Tees
  • Swing Street
  • Mini Links
  • Fairway Finesse
  • Pint-Sized Putts
  • Green Glimmers
  • Tee Totals
  • Mini Meadows
  • Tee Tots
  • Fairway Minis
  • Short Shot Shores
  • Magic Mulligans
  • Little Legends
  • Swing Setters
  • Putt Plaza
  • Green Glee
  • Tiny Teasers
  • Hole Hoppers
  • Swing Shift
  • Putt Pockets
  • Fairway Midgets
  • Putt Pizzazz
  • Mini Masters
  • Swing Slingers
  • Putt Perfection
  • Green Gleam

Funny Mini Golf Course Names

Funny Mini Golf Course Names

Laughter is the best medicine, and a round of mini golf should be no exception! Check out these hilarious names that will make every putt a giggle-worthy experience.

  • Putt Luck
  • Hole-some Fun
  • Swingers Club
  • Missed-It Manor
  • Divot Diners
  • Putt’s Up?
  • Hole Lottalove
  • Swing and Pray
  • Mulligan Maniacs
  • Putt-er Fingers
  • Hole in Fun
  • Putt’s Hilarious
  • Tee Giggles
  • Tee-hee Terrain
  • Fairway to Heaven
  • Hole Shebang
  • Putt Jokes
  • Green Goofs
  • Swing Sillies
  • Tee Time Chuckles
  • Putt-er Laughs
  • Fairway Funnies
  • Mini Mis-hits
  • Swing Snickers
  • Putt Puns
  • Green Gags
  • Tee Tickles
  • Swing Sarcasm
  • Putt Pranks
  • Fairway Chuckles

Miniature Golf Course Names

Miniature Golf Course Names

Find a collection of names that capture the essence of miniature golf. These titles reflect the charm, challenge, and joy of this beloved pastime.

  • Petite Putts
  • Tiny Fairways
  • Little Links
  • Mini Greens
  • Short Strokes
  • Putter’s Point
  • Miniature Meadows
  • Tee Minis
  • Greenettes
  • Putt Pints
  • Tee Trinkets
  • Fairway Fragile
  • Fairway Fragments
  • Tee Tidbits
  • Swing Smalls
  • Putt Patches
  • Green Grains
  • Swing Shorties
  • Putt Particles
  • Mini Marvels
  • Tee Tinies
  • Fairway Flakes
  • Green Gems
  • Swing Spots
  • Putt Pixels
  • Tee Twinkles
  • Green Grits
  • Swing Specks
  • Putt Pebbles
  • Mini Morsels

Best Mini Golf Course Names

Presenting a list of names that stand out in the world of mini golf. These titles are not just catchy but also resonate with the spirit of the game.

  • Elite Greens
  • Prime Putts
  • Top Tee
  • Premier Putter
  • Ace Alleys
  • Supreme Swings
  • Pinnacle Putts
  • Stellar Strokes
  • Majestic Meadows
  • First Fairways
  • Ultimate Underpar
  • Prestige Putt Place
  • Grand Greens
  • Superior Shots
  • Ultimate Links
  • Paramount Putts
  • Prestige Putter
  • Royal Rounds
  • Supreme Swings
  • Top-notch Tees
  • Ace Avenues
  • Superior Swings
  • Best Bunkers
  • Prime Pitches
  • Luxe Links
  • Elite Estates
  • Supreme Strokes
  • Majestic Mini
  • First-class Fairways
  • Grand Golfettes

Catchy Mini Golf Course Names

Catchy Mini Golf Course Names

Dive into the vibrant world of mini golf with names that instantly grab attention. These catchy titles promise an unforgettable experience even before the first swing!

  • Putt Pop
  • Groovy Greens
  • Swing Sync
  • Putt Pulse
  • Tee Twirl
  • Fairway Flash
  • Green Groove
  • Swing Spark
  • Putt Pizzazz
  • Tee Twist
  • Fairway Fizz
  • Green Glow
  • Green Glisten
  • Swing Sizzle
  • Putt Poppy
  • Tee Tempo
  • Fairway Flicker
  • Green Glitz
  • Swing Shimmer
  • Putt Prism
  • Tee Tango
  • Fairway Flair
  • Tee Tingle
  • Fairway Flame
  • Green Gleam
  • Swing Spectrum
  • Putt Prismatics
  • Tee Thrill
  • Swing Surge
  • Putt Punch

Mini Golf Course Business Names

Embarking on a mini golf venture? Here’s a list of names that exude professionalism and promise, ensuring your business stands out in the competitive market.

  • Putt Pros
  • Fairway Firms
  • Green Guild
  • Swing Syndicate
  • Tee Trade
  • Fairway Front
  • Green Guilders
  • Swing Solutions
  • Putt Partners
  • Tee Trust
  • Fairway Finest
  • Putt Patrons
  • Tee Trendsetters
  • Green Group
  • Swing Systems
  • Putt Pinnacle
  • Tee Titans
  • Fairway Force
  • Green Giants
  • Swing Success
  • Putt Powerhouse
  • Tee Titans
  • Swing Strategists
  • Fairway Foundations
  • Green Guardians
  • Swing Savvy
  • Putt Pioneers
  • Tee Tycoons
  • Fairway Futures
  • Green Gurus

Unique Mini Golf Course Names

Unique Mini Golf Course Names

Step into the unconventional with names that stand out and make a statement. These unique titles ensure your mini golf course is remembered long after the game.

  • Putt Peculiars
  • Fairway Fantasia
  • Green Gossamer
  • Swing Spectra
  • Tee Twilight
  • Fairway Fables
  • Green Galaxy
  • Swing Shadows
  • Putt Paradox
  • Tee Transcend
  • Fairway Flux
  • Green Geode
  • Fairway Facet
  • Green Glyph
  • Swing Synthesis
  • Putt Parallax
  • Tee Trance
  • Fairway Fringe
  • Green Glimpse
  • Swing Spectrum
  • Putt Panorama
  • Swing Silhouettes
  • Swing Specter
  • Putt Portal
  • Tee Transient
  • Tee Tapestry
  • Fairway Figment
  • Green Gradient
  • Putt Parable
  • Tee Tesseract

Catchy Golf Tournament Names

Get ready to ignite the competitive spirit with tournament names that resonate with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. Let the games begin!

  • Swing Showdown
  • Tee Tussle
  • Fairway Faceoff
  • Green Games
  • Putt Playoffs
  • Tee Titans
  • Fairway Frenzy
  • Green Gauntlet
  • Swing Standoff
  • Putt Pursuit
  • Tee Trials
  • Fairway Feats
  • Green Gladiators
  • Swing Sprint
  • Putt Playmakers
  • Tee Tournaments
  • Fairway Fights
  • Green Grapple
  • Swing Scuffle
  • Putt Prodigies
  • Tee Tangles
  • Putt Prestige
  • Fairway Fiestas
  • Green Grit
  • Swing Showcases
  • Putt Powerplays
  • Tee Thrashers
  • Fairway Factions
  • Green Gallants
  • Swing Stakes

Cute Mini Golf Course Names

Cute Mini Golf Course Names

Embrace the adorable side of mini golf with names that exude charm and warmth. Perfect for family-friendly courses and delightful golfing experiences.

  • Putt Puddles
  • Fairway Fluff
  • Green Giggles
  • Swing Sweets
  • Fairway Fawn
  • Green Gumdrops
  • Swing Sprinkles
  • Putt Puff
  • Tee Twinkles
  • Fairway Frolic
  • Green Glitters
  • Swing Smiles
  • Putt Petals
  • Fairway Fondue
  • Green Giggles
  • Swing Swoon
  • Putt Pompoms
  • Tee Tickles
  • Swing Snuggles
  • Putt Popsicles
  • Tee Toots
  • Tee Tinkles
  • Fairway Fizzies
  • Fairway Fizz
  • Green Gush
  • Swing Snickers
  • Putt Plush
  • Tee Tumbles
  • Green Glee

Good Mini Golf Course Names

Discover names that resonate with quality, trust, and excellence. These titles ensure your mini golf course is synonymous with a top-notch golfing experience.

  • Fairway Faithful
  • Green Grace
  • Swing Superior
  • Tee Trust
  • Fairway Favorites
  • Green Gold
  • Swing Sterling
  • Putt Prime
  • Tee Top-tier
  • Fairway Finest
  • Putt Prestige
  • Putt Paramount
  • Tee Time-tested
  • Green Gallant
  • Swing Supreme
  • Putt Peerless
  • Tee Timeless
  • Fairway Foremost
  • Green Grandeur
  • Swing Splendid
  • Putt Praiseworthy
  • Green Greats
  • Swing Sublime
  • Tee Triumph
  • Fairway Firsts
  • Green Glorious
  • Swing Stellar
  • Putt Pinnacle
  • Tee Transcendent
  • Fairway Flawless

How to Brainstorm and Shortlist Your Mini Golf Course Names?

When I first ventured into the world of mini golf, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of options and themes available. From crazy mini golf setups to intricate mini golf course layouts, the possibilities seemed endless. But naming my course? That was a challenge I hadn’t anticipated. Here’s a step-by-step guide, based on my personal experience, to help you brainstorm and shortlist names for your mini golf course:

Start with Inspiration

Begin by visiting a few miniature golf courses. I remember my trip to a Washington mini golf course that had a unique theme, which sparked a plethora of naming ideas. Don’t just limit yourself to outdoor mini golf; explore crazy indoor golf setups too. They can be a goldmine of inspiration.

Jot Down Keywords

Think about the elements that stand out in your golf course mini golf setup. Is it more traditional like the best mini golf courses, or does it have a unique twist? Write down words that resonate with your course’s vibe. For instance, if you have water features, words like ‘lagoon’, ‘bay’, or ‘harbor’ might fit.

Mix and Match

This is where the fun begins. Combine your keywords in different ways. If you’re aiming for something more avant-garde, consider names that might fit cool mini golf courses. Remember, the name should reflect the essence of your course, be it a serene miniature golf outdoor setting or a wild, crazy mini golf adventure.

Get Feedback

Once you have a list, share it with friends, family, or potential customers. Their fresh perspective can be invaluable. I recall sharing my list with a group of golf enthusiasts, and their insights helped me avoid names that sounded great to me but were confusing or misleading to others.

Check for Availability

Before you get too attached to a name, ensure it’s available. This includes domain names if you’re planning to set up a website, social media handles, and any trademarks.

Visualize Your Brand

Picture your chosen name on signboards, scorecards, and advertisements. Does it fit? When I was deciding, I visualized how the name would look against the backdrop of my course, and it made the decision so much clearer.

Trust Your Gut

At the end of the day, it’s your venture. While feedback is essential, don’t forget to listen to your instincts. When I finally chose my course’s name, it just felt right.