What To Wear Golfing If You Don’t Have Golf Clothes? | 14+ Hacks!

What To Wear Golfing If You Don't Have Golf Clothes

If you’re wondering what to wear when you don’t have golf clothes, you’re in the right place. 

We’ll guide you through smart, simple alternatives that are both course-appropriate and comfortable. 

This quick rundown will ensure you look part of the golfing crowd, even without the standard gear. Get set to swing in style! 

Practical Wardrobe Alternatives for Golfing Without Golf Clothes

1. Collared Shirts

A polo shirt is universally appropriate for golf, mimicking the look of traditional golf shirts. Opt for breathable fabrics to stay comfortable throughout the game. 

Both men and women can find these shirts in a variety of colors and patterns that fit the conservative style of most golf courses.

2. Khaki Pants or Shorts

These are versatile and acceptable as golf attire. Choose options with a relaxed fit to ensure freedom of movement during swings. 

For women, Bermuda shorts are a stylish and practical choice that maintains the decorum of the course.

3. Sweaters or Vests

Ideal for layering on cooler days, a plain sweater or vest can be worn over your collared shirt. This option keeps your arms free while maintaining body warmth. 

Sweaters and vests come in many styles that can be both functional and fashionable for any golfer.

4. Windbreaker

A simple windbreaker is suitable for windy or slightly wet conditions. This lightweight jacket option doesn’t restrict movement and fits easily in your golf bag. 

Choose a neutral color to easily match with the rest of your golf attire.

5. Sweatshirts or Hoodies

Golf Hoodies

On casual golf courses, a neat sweatshirt or hoodie can keep you warm during early morning or cooler weather rounds. Opt for solid colors without large logos or prints to maintain a clean look.

6. Sun Protection Shirt

Long-sleeve sun protection shirts made from UV-blocking materials can be a great alternative. 

They offer the added benefit of sun protection while keeping you cool, making them ideal for sunny days.

7. Leggings or Joggers

For women, leggings can be a comfortable alternative to traditional golf pants, especially on more relaxed courses.

For a more in-depth look at this option, consider reading about whether you can wear leggings to golf

Men can wear joggers, which are becoming more accepted in casual golf settings. Both options offer flexibility and comfort.

8. Performance T-Shirts

A plain, fitted performance T-shirt can sometimes be acceptable, especially in informal settings. 

These shirts are designed to wick moisture away, keeping you dry and comfortable during your game.

9. Dress Shirt

For a more formal look on courses that require a higher standard of dress, a plain dress shirt can be a good choice. 

Both men and women can opt for a well-fitted dress shirt tucked into khaki pants or a skirt. Ensure it’s breathable to maintain comfort during the game.

10. Skorts

For women, skorts (a combination of a skirt and shorts) offer both style and functionality on the golf course. 

They provide the appearance of a skirt with the comfort and coverage of shorts, making them a popular choice in sports attire.

Golf Skorts

11. Athletic Shoes

Golf-specific shoes are not always necessary. A well-kept pair of athletic shoes with good grip can suffice. 

Ensure they are clean and offer stability and comfort as you walk across varied terrains of a golf course.

12. Canvas Sneakers

If you don’t have athletic shoes, clean canvas sneakers are another option. While they don’t offer the same grip as golf shoes, they are fine for dry conditions and flat courses.

13. Boat Shoes

If you don’t have golf shoes, boat shoes can be a decent substitute. They typically have non-marking rubber soles that offer a decent grip and are stylish enough for the golf course. 

Just make sure they have good insoles for comfort during long walks.

14. Cap or Visor

These headgear options are not only for style but also for practicality, protecting your eyes from the sun. 

Both items are gender-neutral and can complement any casual golf outfit while fulfilling the functional need of shielding your face from sun exposure.

Do’s and Don’ts for Golf Attire Without Traditional Clothes


1. Wear Collared Shirts

Collared polo shirts meet the dress standards of most golf courses. They are versatile and accepted universally, maintaining a balance between casual and formal.

2. Choose Conservative Colors

Neutral colors such as navy, white, gray, or black are preferred because they are discreet and professional. Bright or very light colors might be too flashy or get dirty easily.

3. Use Proper Footwear

Sneakers or boat shoes with a flat sole or mild grip are suitable. Ensure your shoes are clean and presentable to respect the course and your game.

Golf Shoes

4. Keep it Neat

Your attire should be clean and fit properly. Avoid overly loose or overly tight clothing as it can affect your appearance and your swing.

5. Use Sun Protection

A cap or visor protects you from the sun and is essential for outdoor play. Long-sleeved shirts can offer additional protection against UV rays.


1. Avoid Denim

Jeans are generally too casual for golf settings and can restrict movement. Most golf courses prohibit denim for these reasons.

2. Skip Sleeveless Shirts

Tank tops and sleeveless shirts are often inappropriate, especially for men, as they do not align with traditional golf etiquette which favors sleeves.

3. Stay Away from Flashy Prints

Loud patterns and large logos can be distracting and are not in keeping with the understated elegance of golf attire. Stick to simple patterns or solid colors.

4. Avoid Non-Sports Headwear

Stick to sports-appropriate hats like baseball caps or visors. Casual or stylish hats like beanies or fedoras are usually not suitable for the golf environment.

Final Thoughts!

Golfing without traditional attire doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or comfort. A key aspect not previously covered is the importance of fabric choice. 

Opting for materials that offer breathability and flexibility can enhance your performance and comfort on the course. 

Remember, the goal is to blend in respectfully with appropriate alternatives like collared shirts, conservative colors, and proper footwear. 

If you’re still unsure about your outfit choice, it’s a good idea to check the dress code of the specific golf course beforehand.


Can You Wear Gym Clothes to Golf?

Gym clothes are generally not recommended for golf, especially at more traditional or upscale courses which often have specific dress codes requiring collared shirts and tailored shorts or pants.

However, at more casual or public courses, the dress code may be more relaxed, allowing for athletic wear that is neat and non-disruptive.

It’s best to check the specific rules of the golf course you plan to visit to ensure your attire is appropriate.