What To Wear To A Golf Themed Party? | 21+ Trendy Outfits!

What To Wear To A Golf Themed Party

Planning for a golf-themed party and wondering what to wear? This guide is your secret weapon to looking stylish and feeling comfortable at any golf event. 

We’ll help you navigate the dos and don’ts, from classic polos to chic dresses, ensuring you make a lasting impression. Get ready to ace your party outfit with confidence!

Trendy Outfit Ideas for a Golf Themed Party

1. Classic Polo and Khakis

Opt for a white polo shirt paired with khaki pants. This timeless look is both stylish and comfortable. 

The polo is a staple in golf fashion, and khakis offer a relaxed yet polished appearance. This outfit is ideal for those who prefer a traditional and understated look at the party.

2. Golf Dress

Choose a sleeveless golf dress for a chic and sporty vibe. Golf dresses are designed for ease of movement, making them perfect for dancing or mingling. 

This outfit is great for women who want a feminine yet athletic look, combining style with functionality. Check out more ideas in our fashionable golf spectator outfits guide.

3. Argyle Sweater and Skirt

Wear an argyle sweater with a pleated skirt. The argyle pattern is iconic in golf fashion, harking back to classic golfing attire. 

This retro look is perfect for those who appreciate a nod to traditional golf style while still looking trendy and elegant.

4. Striped Polo and Shorts

Golf Party.

A striped polo with white shorts combines style with casual comfort. Stripes add a fun element to the outfit, while shorts keep it relaxed. 

This outfit is great for those who want to maintain a sporty and fresh look, ideal for warm weather and outdoor events.

5. Collared Shirt and Capris

A pastel collared shirt with capri pants offers a laid-back yet polished appearance. Pastel colors are soft and inviting, while capris are comfortable and stylish. 

This outfit is perfect for those who want to strike a balance between casual and chic at the party.

6. Plaid Skort and Solid Top

Pair a plaid skort with a solid-colored top for a trendy and functional look. Skorts provide the freedom of movement of shorts with the appearance of a skirt. 

This outfit is ideal for active party-goers who want to look stylish while participating in various activities.

Plaid Skort and Solid Top Golf Outfit.

7. V-Neck Sweater and Pants

A light V-neck sweater with slim-fit pants is great for cooler weather. The V-neck adds a touch of elegance, while slim-fit pants keep the look modern. 

This outfit is perfect for evening parties or cooler climates, offering warmth without sacrificing style.

8. Bright Polo and Neutral Bottoms

Wear a bright polo with neutral bottoms to make a bold statement. The bright color draws attention, while neutral bottoms balance the look. 

This outfit is ideal for those who want to stand out and add a pop of color to the party.

9. Monochrome Outfit

Choose an all-white or all-black ensemble for a sleek and modern look. Monochrome outfits are easy to coordinate and always look sophisticated. 

This outfit is great for those who prefer a minimalist yet stylish approach to their golf-themed attire.

10. Golf Jumpsuit

A one-piece golf jumpsuit is unique and very comfortable. Jumpsuits offer a streamlined look and ease of movement. 

This outfit is perfect for those who want to try something different and enjoy a hassle-free yet fashionable option.

11. Floral Polo and Solid Shorts

A floral print polo with solid-colored shorts adds a fun twist to traditional golf fashion. Floral patterns bring a touch of whimsy, while solid shorts keep the look grounded. 

This outfit is great for those who want to infuse some personality and playfulness into their attire.

12. Two-Tone Shirt and Skirt

Wear a two-tone shirt with a matching skirt for a stylish and cohesive look. The two-tone design adds visual interest, and matching pieces create a put-together appearance. 

This outfit is ideal for those who want to look coordinated and fashionable at the party.

Tips to Look Stylish at a Golf Themed Party

Golf Birthday party.

1. Accessorize Wisely

Opt for golf-themed accessories to elevate your look. Club-shaped cufflinks or a necklace with a golf ball pendant add subtle elegance. 

Consider wearing a golf-themed hat or cap for a playful touch. A stylish belt with a golf club buckle can also enhance your outfit. 

These small details can tie your look together and highlight the party theme.

2. Footwear

Choose comfortable yet stylish shoes. Men can opt for loafers or spikeless golf shoes, which provide both style and comfort. 

Women can select ballet flats or stylish golf sneakers, ensuring they look chic while remaining comfortable. Good footwear is essential for enjoying the party without discomfort.

3. Layering

For cooler evenings, layer with a lightweight sweater or a classy pashmina that complements your outfit. 

A sweater adds warmth without sacrificing style, while a pashmina can be draped elegantly. 

Layering ensures you stay comfortable as temperatures drop, allowing you to enjoy the party fully.

4. Color Coordination

Coordinate your outfit with classic golf colors like white, navy, and green. These colors are associated with golf and add a sophisticated touch to your look. 

Matching colors create a cohesive appearance, making you look well put together.

5. Minimalist Approach

Keep your look simple and elegant. Avoid over-accessorizing or wearing overly flashy items. 

A minimalist approach often looks more sophisticated and aligns well with the classy nature of golf-themed events. Simplicity can be very stylish.

6. Hair and Makeup

Opt for a natural and polished look. For women, light makeup and a neat hairstyle enhance your overall appearance without being overdone. 

For men, a well-groomed look with neat hair can make a significant difference. Natural and polished always looks more refined.

7. Confidence

Carry yourself with confidence. The way you carry yourself can significantly impact your overall appearance. 

Confidence makes any outfit look better, so stand tall and enjoy the party with a positive attitude. Your confidence will enhance your stylish look.

What to Avoid at a Golf Themed Party?

Golf Themed Party.

1. Overly Casual Wear

Avoid jeans, casual t-shirts, and overly athletic gear unless the theme explicitly allows for it. These items can make you look out of place at a golf-themed event. 

Stick to golf attire that respects the party’s theme and atmosphere. It’s important to strike a balance between casual and classy.

2. Improper Footwear

Steer clear of heels or open-toed sandals that aren’t suitable for mobility on grass. These types of shoes can be uncomfortable and impractical for a golf-themed event, often held outdoors. 

Instead, opt for shoes that provide comfort and ease of movement, ensuring you can enjoy the event without discomfort.

3. Excessive Perfume or Cologne

Avoid wearing too much perfume or cologne. Strong scents can be overwhelming in a social setting. 

Opt for a light, fresh fragrance that is pleasant but not overpowering, ensuring you don’t distract others from enjoying the party.

What to Wear to a Golf Club Party vs. Casual Backyard Gathering Party?

Golf Club Party Attire

1. Elegant Polo and Slacks

Opt for a well-fitted polo shirt paired with tailored slacks. Neutral colors or subtle patterns work best. This combination offers a polished look suitable for a formal setting.

2. Blazers and Khakis

For a more formal appearance, men can wear a blazer over a collared shirt with khakis. This look balances comfort and formality, perfect for a club environment.

3. Sophisticated Maxi Dresses

Women can opt for a sophisticated maxi dress. Choose elegant designs and fabrics. Pair with comfortable wedges or flats.

4. Sweater Vests and Button-Downs

Men can layer a sweater vest over a button-down shirt. This adds a classic touch, ideal for an upscale golf club setting.

Casual Golf Backyard Gathering Party Attire

Golf Party Attire.

1. Sundresses for Women

Women can wear light and breezy sundresses. Floral prints or bold colors work well. Pair with sandals for a laid-back look.

2. T-shirts and Denim

Simple t-shirts with denim jeans or shorts provide comfort and style. Choose graphic tees for a fun twist or plain ones for a classic look.

3. Rompers for Women

Rompers are a great casual option. They offer ease of movement and come in various fun patterns. Pair with sneakers or sandals.

Final Thoughts!

Dressing for a golf-themed party is unique because it blends the classic elegance of golf attire with the festive atmosphere of a party. 

Whether attending a formal golf club event or a casual backyard gathering, selecting the right outfit ensures you look stylish and feel comfortable. 

Focus on appropriate accessories, footwear, and layering to enhance your look. Remember, the goal is to respect the theme while enjoying the event.