Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove? | 7+ Golfers’ Secret!

Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove

Ever wondered why most golfers sport just one glove? It’s not just a fashion statement. 

Golfers wear one glove to enhance grip, prevent blisters, and maintain a better feel and control. This small accessory can make a big difference in your game, especially in tricky weather. 

Let’s explore the real reasons behind this common practice!

Why do Golfers only Wear One Glove?

Wearing one glove reduces grip tension, allowing for a smoother, more effective swing. Additionally, some golfers avoid wearing two gloves to maintain a better feel and connection with the club. 

The Benefits of Wearing One Glove

1. Improved Grip and Control

Wearing a glove on the lead hand enhances grip stability. It reduces the chances of the club slipping during swings, providing a firmer hold on the club, especially in wet conditions​.

2. Reduced Blisters and Calluses

The glove protects the lead hand from friction, preventing blisters and calluses. This is particularly important during long practice sessions or competitive play, reducing hand discomfort​.

3. Enhanced Feel and Sensitivity

The non-gloved hand maintains better tactile feedback. This allows for improved precision and control, particularly during putting and short game shots, enhancing overall performance​.

4. Sweat Absorption

A glove helps absorb sweat, keeping the lead hand dry. This is crucial in hot or humid conditions to maintain a consistent and firm grip, preventing the club from slipping due to moisture​

5. Weather Adaptability

In wet weather, a glove ensures a secure grip. It provides extra traction and prevents the club from slipping, which is essential for maintaining control during swings in rainy conditions​, as discussed in our golf outfits for every weather condition article.

6. Tradition and Comfort

Wearing one glove is a traditional practice that balances grip enhancement with maintaining the natural feel of the club. This makes it a comfortable choice for many golfers​.

7. Cost-Effective

Using only one glove is more economical as gloves wear out over time. Replacing a single glove reduces costs compared to using and replacing two gloves regularly

When to Consider Wearing Two Gloves?

1. Extreme Weather Conditions

Wearing two gloves is beneficial in cold or wet weather. It helps keep both hands warm and dry, providing better grip and preventing slippage during swings​.

2. Medical Reasons

Golfers with conditions like arthritis or eczema may find two gloves helpful. They provide extra cushioning and reduce hand strain, making the game more comfortable​.

3. Sweat Management

In hot and humid conditions, two gloves can help manage excessive sweating. This prevents the club from slipping and maintains a consistent grip throughout the game​.

4. Enhanced Grip Stability

A man playing a Golf.

Some golfers prefer the feel of two gloves for added grip stability. This can be particularly useful for those who struggle with maintaining a firm hold on the club​.

5. Personal Preference

Certain players, like Tommy Gainey, choose two gloves for comfort and habit. It’s a matter of what feels best for each individual, enhancing their performance based on personal needs

Final Thoughts!

Wearing one glove in golf is a blend of tradition and practicality. This practice enhances grip, prevents blisters, and maintains better tactile feedback on the club. 

The lead hand, responsible for the club’s control, benefits significantly from the added stability of a glove. In essence, golfers wear one glove to balance grip improvement with a natural feel.

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