Will A Golf Cart Fit In A Truck Bed? (A Practical Guide)

Will A Golf Cart Fit In A Truck Bed.

Golf carts, a common sight in golf courses, often needed to be transported for diverse motives. But the big question is, will they fit in a truck bed? This isn’t only a simple yes or no. 

While a golf cart may suit a pickup truck, there are nuances to remember, just like the length of your truck bed and the size of your golf cart.

Let’s explore the fine details of this undertaking, ensuring your golfing cart rides as with no trouble as your clubs. 🏌️‍♂️🚚🏌️‍♀️

Golf Cart & Truck Bed Compatibility

1. Assessing Golf Cart Dimensions for Truck Bed Fitting

Golf Cart TypeWidthLength
Standard 2-Seater4 feet8 feet
4-Seater4 feet8.5 to 9 feet
6-Seater4 feet10 to 12 feet

Different golf cart sizes can impact how they fit into a truck bed. To ensure a proper fit, compare these dimensions with your truck bed’s size.

2. Identifying Suitable Truck Bed Types for Golf Cart Transportation

The type of truck bed is crucial for determining if a golf cart will fit. Here’s a breakdown based on typical truck bed sizes:

Truck Bed TypeLengthSuitable for Golf Cart Type
Standard Bed5-6.5 feetStandard 2-seater (tailgate down likely needed)
Long Bed8 feetStandard 2-Seater, 4-Seater
Extra Long Bed8.5 feet or more6-Seater

Step-by-Step Guide to Loading a Golf Cart into a Truck Bed

Step-by-Step Guide to Loading a Golf Cart into a Truck Bed.

Loading a golf cart into a truck bed can be a bit tricky, however with the proper approach, it is manageable. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out:

1. Check Golf Cart and Truck Bed Dimensions

Ensure your golfing cart suits in your truck bed. 

2. Assess the Weight

Golf carts can weigh between 500 and 1100 pounds. Verify your truck’s payload capability to ensure it can handle the weight.

3. Remove the Golf Cart Roof

If you’re using a considerable distance, get rid of the cart’s roof to prevent harm from high winds.

4. Select the Right Ramps

Use robust, aluminum-based ramps with an arch to prevent bottoming out. Ensure they can handle the golf cart’s weight and have enough space between them for stability.

5. Secure the Ramps

Attach the ramp securely to the truck to save you movement during loading.

6. Drive the Golf Cart Up the Ramps

Carefully drive the cart up the ramps and into the truck bed. If the cart does not fit with the tailgate up, opposite it onto the bed so the lighter front element rests at the tailgate.

7. Tie Down the Golf Cart

Tie Down the Golf Cart.

Once loaded, use at least two nylon straps with ratchets to steady the cart in location.

8. Check Everything Before Driving

Double-check that the cart is secure and the ramps are stored safely before hitting the road.

Final Thoughts!

Transporting a golf cart in a truck mattress is a possible project, however, it requires cautious, plans and execution. 

The key lies in knowing the size and weight of your golf cart and ensuring your truck’s bed payload capacity is compatible.

With the right ramps, secure tie-downs, and a piece of patience, you could easily transport your golf cart to its destination. 

Remember, every golfing cart and truck combination is unique, so it is important to assess your particular situation.


How do you tie down a golf cart in a truck bed?

To tie down a golf cart in a truck mattress, comply with the steps:

1. Position the golf cart inside the truck bed and set the parking brake.

2. Use at least two high-quality nylon straps with ratchets.

3. Attach one end of each strap to stable points on the golf cart, such as the frame or axle.

4. The other gives up to anchor points within the truck bed.

5. Tighten the straps using the ratchets until the golf cart is firmly secured and has minimal movement.

6. Double-test that the straps aren’t over-tightened to keep away from unfavorable golf carts.