Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete? | Yes, Here’s How!

Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete.

Wearing golf shoes on concrete might not be the first thing you think of when you’re getting ready for a day on the course. Yet, it’s a topic worth talking about. 

With the right type of golf shoes, walking on concrete doesn’t have to mean ruining them or slipping. 

This guide will break down the types of golf shoes that can handle a walk on the harder side without missing a step.

Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete?

Yes, you can wear golf shoes on concrete, but it’s best to go for those with spikeless designs or soft spikes. These types are made to handle the roughness of concrete without damaging the shoe or causing discomfort. 

Walking from the green to the clubhouse or your car doesn’t mean you have to switch footwear, as long as you’ve got the right golf shoes on.

If you’re curious about why golf shoes are considered essential gear for golfers, exploring their necessity further can provide deeper insights into their design and functionality, enhancing both your game and your comfort, regardless of the terrain.

Why Would You Want to Wear Golf Shoes on Concrete?

Golf shoes are designed for the greens, offering stability and comfort during a game. 

But there are times you might find yourself walking on concrete while still wearing your golf shoes. Here’s why that can be a good idea

1. Convenience

Switching shoes between the golf course and other areas, like the parking lot or clubhouse, can be a hassle. 

Wearing golf shoes that are suitable for both terrains adds convenience to your game day, saving time and effort.

2. Durability

Modern golf shoes are designed to be durable. 

Those made with high-quality materials can withstand the wear and tear of concrete without falling apart, making them a versatile option for golfers on the go.

3. Comfort

After finding a pair of golf shoes that support your feet just right, you might not want to switch them out. 

High-quality golf shoes provide comfort not only on grass but also on harder surfaces, thanks to supportive insoles and shock-absorbent materials.

4. Safety

Why Would You Want to Wear Golf Shoes on Concrete.

Golf shoes offer increased traction and stability, reducing the risk of slipping on slick surfaces. 

Even on concrete, the grip technology in golf shoes can prevent slips and falls, making your walk safer from the course to any other location.

5. Style

Golf shoes have evolved in style, with many looking just as fashionable as regular sneakers. 

Wearing them off the course can be a style statement, reflecting a golfer’s lifestyle and passion for the game, even on concrete surfaces.

Benefits of Wearing Golf Shoes on Concrete

1. Versatility

Wearing golf shoes on concrete means you’re ready for anything. 

No matter if you’re hitting balls at the range or running errands before your tee time, you don’t have to worry about changing shoes.

2. Time-Saving

When you can wear your golf shoes everywhere, you save time. There’s no need to pack an extra pair or switch shoes between activities, making your golf day smoother.

3. Durability

Good golf shoes are made to last. 

Choosing a pair that can handle both the soft grass of the course and the hard concrete of the urban environment means you get more wear out of every pair.

4. Comfort

The support and cushioning in golf shoes designed for all terrains mean your feet stay comfortable, no matter where you’re walking. 

This can be especially important for golfers who have a long day ahead of them.

5. Stability and Grip

Golf Stability and Grip.

The design of golf shoes includes features for stability and grip, crucial for playing well. 

These same features can help prevent slips and falls on concrete, making them a safe choice off the course.

6. Arch Support

Good golf shoes offer arch support that helps reduce foot fatigue and discomfort, especially important when walking on hard surfaces like concrete.

Drawbacks of Wearing Golf Shoes on Concrete

1. Faster Wear

Golf shoes are mainly designed for soft, grassy surfaces. Walking on concrete can speed up how quickly they wear out, especially the soles.

2. Less Comfort Over Time

The hard concrete can be tough on golf shoes, making them less comfortable as they start to wear down, affecting your feet and overall comfort.

3. Potential Damage to Spikes

For golf shoes with spikes, concrete can dull or damage them, reducing their effectiveness on the golf course where you need them most.

4. Limited Style for Everyday Use

While many golf shoes look great on the course, they might not match your everyday style or be as versatile for other occasions.

5. Noise

Walking on concrete with golf shoes, especially those with hard spikes, can be noisy. This can attract unwanted attention and be somewhat disruptive in quiet environments.

Practical Tips for Wearing Golf Shoes on Concrete

1. Choose Spikeless or Soft Spikes

Golf Spikeless or Soft Spikes.

Opt for golf shoes with spikeless designs or soft spikes. These types are more suited for concrete surfaces, causing less wear to both the shoe and the surface.

2. Check for Wear Regularly

Regularly inspect your golf shoes for signs of wear, especially if you frequently walk on concrete. 

Early detection can help you replace the spikes or shoes before they cause discomfort or decrease your stability.

3. Clean After Use

Concrete can dirty your golf shoes faster than grass. Clean them after walking on concrete to prevent dirt from caking, which can degrade the material and reduce their lifespan.

4. Use for Short Distances

While it’s okay to wear golf shoes on concrete, limit it to short distances. 

Prolonged walking on hard surfaces can still accelerate wear, so consider changing shoes if you expect to walk a lot off the course.

5. Invest in Quality

High-quality golf shoes are more likely to withstand the rigors of both the golf course and concrete walking. 

They often come with better cushioning and support, making them a smarter investment for golfers who frequently transition between surfaces.

6. Consider Comfort and Support Inserts

If your golf shoes lack sufficient cushioning for concrete surfaces, consider adding supportive insoles or inserts. 

These can provide extra comfort and support, making it easier on your feet during extended wear.

Exploring Alternatives to Golf Shoes on Concrete

If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional golf shoes for those times you find yourself on concrete as well as the green, there are several options that can serve dual purposes. 

These alternatives offer the flexibility and comfort needed for both environments:

1. Cross Trainers

These versatile shoes are designed for various types of activities, including walking on concrete and light sports. 

Their cushioning and support make them a great alternative, providing the necessary comfort and stability for both the golf course and hard surfaces.

2. Trail Running Shoes

Known for their rugged build, trail running shoes offer great traction that can be beneficial on the golf course, especially in dry conditions. 

Their durability and design to withstand rough terrain make them suitable for concrete, too.

3. Walking Shoes

Walking Shoes.

Specifically designed for long periods of walking, these shoes offer comfort and support. 

While they might not provide the same level of grip on the golf course as golf shoes, they are a good option for those prioritizing comfort on concrete and other hard surfaces.

4. Casual Sneakers with Good Grip

Many modern sneakers are designed with versatile outsoles that provide enough grip for a casual round of golf as well as daily wear on concrete. 

Look for sneakers with a flat sole and minimal heel drop for the best experience.

5. Athletic-Inspired Golf Shoes

These are golf shoes designed to look and feel like athletic shoes. They often come with spikeless designs that are gentle on the golf course and comfortable on concrete. 

This category offers the perfect blend of golf-specific features with the versatility for everyday wear.

Final Thoughts!

Exploring the suitability of wearing golf shoes on concrete reveals an interesting evolution in shoe technology, making them versatile for various terrains.

Indeed, golf shoes with spikeless designs or soft spikes are ideal for concrete, blending durability with comfort. 

This adaptability enhances the practicality for golfers who appreciate ease and flexibility in their gear. 


Can you wear golf shoes on concrete all day?

It’s not recommended to wear golf shoes on concrete all day because they are designed for grip on grass and can be uncomfortable on hard surfaces, potentially wearing out the spikes or soles faster.

Can you wear golf shoes as normal shoes?

Yes, you can wear golf shoes as normal shoes, but their design and features are specifically tailored for golfing, which might not offer the same comfort or suitability for everyday or prolonged wear as regular shoes.