Can You Wear Sandals To Top Golf? | Shocking Answer By Pros!

Heading to Top Golf and pondering if sandals are a smart choice? This write-up not only answers that but dives into why, laying out the pros and cons. 

Plus, we’ll pinpoint the perfect occasions for sporting them. Ensuring you’re set for style, comfort, and performance, we’ve got you covered for your next hit under the sun. 

Can You Wear Sandals To Top Golf?

Yes, you can wear sandals to Top Golf, especially for events and parties. However, when it comes to playing, it’s not recommended. While Top Golf has a relaxed dress code, for safety and better support while swinging, closed-toe shoes are a smarter choice. 

So, for hanging out, sandals are fine, but for the game itself, consider something with more protection.

To ensure you’re always on the right side of golfing fashion, it’s worthwhile to explore common golf outfit mistakes many players might overlook.

Reasons Sandals Are Not Recommended at Top Golf

Thinking about hitting Top Golf in sandals? While it might seem like a comfy choice, there are a few reasons why opting for something else might be better for your game. 

Here’s why you might want to reconsider sandals for your next visit:

1. Lack of Support

Sandals often don’t provide the same level of foot and ankle support as sneakers or golf shoes. This can affect your stance and balance, making it harder to swing effectively.

2. Safety Concerns

With lots of movement and swinging involved, wearing sandals increases the risk of injury. There’s the chance of getting hit by a stray ball or accidentally hurting yourself with the golf club.

3. Ground Conditions

Ground Conditions of Top Golf.

The playing areas at TopGolf can vary, and sandals may not offer the best grip or protection against different surfaces, possibly leading to slips or falls.

4. Weather and Environmental Elements

Depending on the weather, sandals might not be the most practical choice. If it’s chilly, rainy, or particularly hot, your feet could be uncomfortable. 

Closed-toe shoes protect against the elements and ensure comfort regardless of weather conditions.

Options Besides Sandals for Playing Topgolf

1. Sneakers

A universal favorite, sneakers offer great support and comfort. They’re suitable for the range of motion required in golf, ensuring stability and grip as you swing.

2. Golf Shoes

For those taking their game seriously, golf shoes provide the best traction and support designed specifically for golfing. They help improve your stance and can contribute to a better swing.

3. Athletic Shoes

Similar to sneakers, any athletic or sports-oriented shoes that offer good support and are comfortable can be a great choice. 

They’re designed to handle movement and provide the necessary grip for different activities, making them suitable for Top Golf.

4. Closed-Toe Flats

Closed-Toe Flats For Top Golf.

For a more casual option that still provides more protection than sandals, closed-toe flats can be a good choice. 

They should have a good grip and offer some level of support, ensuring you’re comfortable throughout the game.

Final Thoughts!

Top Golf merges leisure with sport, creating a space where you’re free to express your style. While sandals are okay for social events at TopGolf, they might not be the best for playing. 

For those looking to swing, shoes that offer more support and safety – like sneakers or golf shoes – are recommended. 

In essence, sandals are allowed, but for an optimal playing experience, choosing more suitable footwear is wise. 


Can you wear heels to Topgolf?

You can wear heels to Topgolf, especially for socializing, but they’re not ideal for playing due to safety and comfort concerns.

What do ladies wear to Topgolf?

Ladies often wear casual and comfortable clothes to Topgolf, like T-shirts, leggings, jeans, or shorts, paired with sneakers or flat shoes.

Is there a dress code at Topgolf?

Topgolf has a generally casual dress code that prioritizes comfort and freedom of movement, creating a relaxed atmosphere. 

While there’s no strict dress code, guests are encouraged to wear comfortable, athletic clothing and closed-toe shoes to enhance their experience .